some more experimenting:

moreafter making anther 17, I went back to the cabin at left-field and tried some more layouts:  Having more made a better impact, I know that, if I was to continue with this approach I would need to make at least another 200. As more creates the impact I am looking for and also the notion that these plants freely spread. I also tried to randomly place them (as random as your are when you are in control) and spread them , instead of clumping more.2     Then I crumpled some up & added the Van Dijk images back in, as comment was to me that weeds/forgotten edible plants do not grow tidy, nor are they all in the same state of growth:   crumpled This is 'food for thought' (nice pun) and will be thinking about this further as time goes on. I am also researching and thinking the option of flags, like prayer flags, so will experiment with hanging places and following up the research for that idea. So more to come soon....

Posted by Elle Anderson

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