should not have thrown that collected rubbish away

As an artist who is very influenced by plants I am also very keen to ensure our environment is kept clean not just for the future but also for the present. This means that not just weeds that threaten our native environment need to be controlled, but also the rubbish that people throw out of their car needs to be picked up. It is always a surprise that this practice happens constantly. I walk my dog along the same country road each day and ones a week I take a plastic shopping bag with me to pick up all the rubbish. Each week I am surprised that I fill a bag again and each week I add it to my rubbish bin. While doing some research for my art practice this morning I came across this website:

Fascinating Art Inspired by the 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch'

Realizing that I should not have thrown this junk away, but keep it, clean  it, collate it and create art works with it. What an inspirational & inventive way to up-cycle rubbish. The usual artist had work in this show, mark Dion, who is a master of collections & display has a work in this show 'Cabinet of marine Debris'. It is a masterful ordered display of plastic bottles and buoys found. It is a display that should make you question many things in your life. I am now rethinking how I can store more stuff without becoming an obsessive compulsive.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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