September install & some thoughts on it

The September seminar install and some thoughts on the feedback. This was the reconfigured space after feedback and thinking through the

initial display;


install image sept 2014 paper & glass vessels

dandelion in vessel

Glass bowls on plinth;

  • The plants floating in liquid appear to have movement.
  • This could be changed to a bigger bowl with smaller plants?
  • hanging would add to this sense of movement, would also allow viewer to interact closer with objects, through able to walk around them, as on current plinth was too low.
  • Use of light through these to cast shadows, this would add to dark room reading.
  • Be aware of vessel type/shape as this influences reading.
  • Link the paper works and bottles closer together as they both speak of movement, trace, light.
  • Paper with screen prints on them on wall;
  • Paper with bits in them speak more of craft
  • lighter paper moves as walk past them
  • Is the image to obscure?
  • Should they go directly on the wall instead?
  • Very fine paper created a sewn feeling, reflective of landscape
  • Paper works have a sense of Japanese scrolls
  • glass plates & dome

Glass plates on table:

  • green glass, not resolved enough if combining with bottles.
  • The plants between glass and under glass dome are trapped/caught, very static
  • Re-assess this display strategy, as currently feels too decorative
  • Glass dome:
  • this has more of a curio element to it, as plant is standing and has 3D effect, able to walk around it.
  • Questions to consider:
  • have more with same plant, different plants
  • Only 1 in middle of room.
  • Least successful of the works presented were the works under & between glass plates.
  • Other comments and thoughts to tease out;
  • Actual dried bleached plants:
  • use these without glass trappings, maybe direct on wall? with light through them to create shadows, are these then the true ghosts?
  • Science and Victorian curio;
  • Aesthetically the difference between science and Victorian curio;
  • Science =
  • clean, clinical, white, lab coats, sterile, lots the same, white glass, bright.
  • Relates to bleached plants in vessels, white screen prints on paper
  • Victorian =
  • stuffy, dust, yellowing, many different, different vessels, green glass, badly lit
  • Relates to: dried plants that have turned yellow, plant under dome and between glass.
  • Losses and gains:
  • There are losses and gains in the work, what are these?
  • bleaching =  the act of removing colour. Very brutal & harsh
  • starved of light, kept in the dark
  • loss of photosynthesis ability
  • plants have lost their colour, their vitality & living, but have gained a fragility, a sense of unreal
  • what does this address in world now?
  • loss of colour  - the plants have become albescent (= the condition of being or becoming white or whitish), they are now monochromatic, they are clean, purifying, can also be detachment, disinterested, isolated, it is unnatural
  • Are these white plants the soul of a plant? as it is said that photographing people in B&W, you capture their soul.
  • These works are more about light & lack of light, with the content is still plants.

Need to figure out what the work is addressing in the world now……

Posted by Elle Anderson

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