Reflection on meeting in gallery space

Reflection on meeting with supervisors in the gallery space last week created some great thinking around my final show. Hanging of 3 large works on the wall was problematic to me still before talking to them. I saw them as 3 works, but didn't want to hang them evenly spaced along the wall, as this felt too much like individual portraits. A simple move of the centre over, creating a disruption in the 'line up' was what was required. Decisions on framing or not is being researched at the moment, while trying not to become influenced in this decision by cost (a challenge). It is always a great help to have others look at what you have been grappling with for a while. You/me are so caught up in the work and often cannot see the simple solutions that are straight in front of you. The small cinematic space was also something that had me slightly stumped. But a great idea of turning one of my works into a light box, by Tanya, was just brilliant. Creating a glow that will come from this space, spilling into the

gallery at the back left


light box image

So am currently researching how this can be done, without it looking like an advertising box. The 'spirit vessels' arrangement also needed time and thinking. The installation of this has now been resolved (I think) - bamboo sticks in the ceiling, with pin prick holes for the fishing braid. This keeps the clutter away from the ceiling, as what would have happened if a structure had been added below the ceiling to hang the vessels from.

My little mock-ups have proved to be valuable:


 spirit vessel trial

The arrangement of these is still a work in progress, as thinking around if they are a 'school', constellation or a 'random' spread of weeds is still being thoughts through. The importance will be to allow close ups from the side, looking up at them and even looking down onto them is important. Lighting for all the works is also a factor that will be vital for the end result of this show. As the vessels need to be lit, without it being a problem when close up to them or even walking around them. Each work on the wall needs to be illuminated, without it spilling onto all the walls.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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