other installation ideas:

After deciding that a wider plinth in the middle of the floor felt funeral like (I had it also set up in the middle of my garage and it felt very much like I had my gardening auntie in there, waiting to move on), I went back to the model and changed the scale of the plinth, making it as narrow as the bottles. This suddenly gave the bottle more prominence and took the focus away from the plinth. This resulted in these thoughts/arrangements:

_MG_4716 or_MG_4714 or _MG_4783 or _MG_4777

In each of the above cases the plinth was kept at a 'nice' 1.2m high (Not the height I would like to place them at, as a tall person, this feels like things are around my ankles. For my gut they needed to go higher). Taking these trials with me to fellow artist gave me a great conversation starter with them and the many conversations helped confirm my gut, that higher was better.

Placing them more out of reach, which is more reflective of preserving storage. So back to the model making business I went:

Posted by Elle Anderson

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