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"Thinking is finding a way to achieve a goal that cannot be attained by an obvious action. We want to accomplish something but do not know how, so before we can act we must think.  (pg 31)

There is no "creative thinking," just as there is no "creative walking."

Creation is a result - a place thinking may lead us. Before we can know how to create, we must know how to think. (pg 31)

Thinking involves observation and deduction.(pg 35)

Begin with something familiar, evaluate it, solve any problem, and repeat. (pg 37)

Creating is taking steps, not making leaps; find a problem, solve it and repeat. Find new problems, new solutions and then new problems again: (pg 37)

Ask "why doesn't it work?" (pg 46)


From the Book:

How to fly a horse; The Secret History of Creation, Invention and Discovery by Kevin Ashton

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