Model time

Model time is always a great moment, as this means that decisions are starting to form and it has also been a great break form writing the essay for the catalogue. A bit of hands on stuff again after weeks of reading and writing. While writing the essay I also had in between time to continue to bleach plants and photograph them. The bleaching process could take  up to 6 or 7 days before the plants were 'ready'. This allowed me to continue writing during that time. Creating these images gave me a large group to select from - allowing me to really question what each image communicated. Creating the model was also great to get the space out of my head and allowed for thinking of placement of each part of my work. Both the gallery visit and the model making brought to the fore the unsuitability of large screen printed glass plates in the smallest space of

the gallery. Some ideas that I have played with so far are:

glass vessels.2 and with my little person:glass vessels.1

the little person helps me to understand scale of the work and the space. The idea is that looking into the gallery you will only see the hanging vessel work in the far corner - looking like suspended ghosts. The gallery will be dark, with lighting on the glass vessels and the photographic

images. Ideas for the right wall - as once you walk in, these will become visible:

photo images a double triptych of A1 images - this felt over done, too many' spirits' together, me trying

to hang all the work, so an edit was needed:


photo images idea.4

Am still editing the small space with work - one or many are questions I am asking. As well as sizes and a way to entice the viewer into this space. The screen prints had initially not made the edit, but encouragement from my supervisor has made me rethink their inclusion. So am now researching hanging systems for glass - as do not want a shelf as I had last time, but have the floating on the wall. Further images to follow, as have picked up the hand blown glass vessels from Monmouth Glass studio - these vessels are sexy, even empty.  

Posted by Elle Anderson

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