how wild radish can be inspirational

While researching to find info that related to the wild radish plant, I came across this cool music video on you tube: The wild radish song

The back ground info on this is: "A parody of the Gotye hit "Somebody I used to know" by agronomic consultant Bill Long, who farms on the Yorke Peninsula of South Australia as well as consults to a number of farmers in the region. This is a farmer's lament on attempts to control wild radish resulting in the loss of chemical options to the point where only radical options are available. Truly reflects the consequences of farming systems becoming reliant on herbicides for weed control."

I know it is very rampant, I collect my specimens from the road side. It seeds prolifically, just like any other 'weed' it is making the most of the in-between space outside. Those spaces we do not need, use or know what to do with.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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