First steps for End master work

First steps for end masters works have started: My glass jar work from the September seminar series will become hanging round bottomed vessels. Research into round bottomed flasks led me into the field of science of boiling flasks. Many of these had long necks and writing on them. Thumb_GLA1582

These visually spoke too strong of science and the lab for the work I was making and for the reading I was looking for. So further searching went on. After doing much research on glass vessels a decision was made to have them all individually hand blown Stephen Bradbourne & Isaac Katzoff from the Monmouth Glass Studio.

The day for the start of these vessels was monday, so I went along with my camera to capture the first few being made - it was truly an honour

to watch 2 masters at work creating these little vessels for me - here is one in the making:


glas vessel in kiln then it looked like this glass vessel rod at base

The next time I see them they will all be done with a small glass pebble to block the opening. I can then start the next stage of selecting plants to bleach.      

Posted by Elle Anderson

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