do we know what is in our food?

As a conscious healthy eater and label reader I am very aware of foods, particularly processed food, that contain unknown things. Really names I cannot pronounce and my general rule is, if I cannot pronounce it or know what it is, I should not eat it. I have gone back to my original question of: The relationship between people and plants.  And have gone back to 'playing' with raw plant material and seeing how this can be contextualized into a relationship of plants and people. While eating my lunch I realized that one of the biggest relationships we have with plants is eating them. To get the creative juices flowing again for my MFA (after a couple of weeks of completing another project) I decided to create this relationship - very literal: first plate solarized   It is a very 'Sally Tagg' approach to using plants to create an image. Tagg often uses found plant pieces to combine into a greater work of art. Creating an imagined new plant or combination using same or unrelated plant types. I have explored this approach before and find it very meditative. Even though I am using plant materials, it really is a matter of manipulating the plant pieces to suit what I am trying to say. The above table setting was my first response to this relationship idea. For me it still tells the story of collecting and adding to my cabinet of curiosities, but with a defined 'relationship' angle.  Will keep on exploring this angle over next few days to see how much deeper I can go.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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