continuing the model making;

First I had to satisfy a comment from Tessa, that they could look great lined up, high along the wall. The little person (modelled on myself!!) is 1.8m tall, hopefully helping to create scale to the high placement of the bottles.


the line felt dramatic, but the end a let down. What if the bottle 'explode' into fragments, bit like we are very ordered in our approach to looking after places and plants, but at some stage we lose the plot and have a shot gun approach to it all:


While this idea was gurgling away, I made a couple of different height plinths and arranged the framed works more like a molecule: _MG_4805 here plinth was 1.2m high or_MG_4806 1.6m high or _MG_4807 1.8m high.


The freer arrangement of the framed work was a better solution. It could make the viewer question the order in which we preserve; methodical or random? By measured bits or at times lots and then little. The decision for the height of the plinth was still to be made and one that caused me much debate with myself and many others. Decided in the end that this was influenced by how tall the person was what they felt comfortable with. Now that the basics of the installation are almost complete my attention is turned to the artist statement.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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