Been playing with my model space

One of the things to do from my meeting with Judy was to make my allocated exhibition space as a model. Then print work off the size of that space and have a 'play' around with options/display ideas. My allocated space is long and narrow and you walk into it coming left from through a gap. The back wall is the first wall that you would see, then you will see the long side wall. So trailed using all 4 walls as hanging/display space, to both entice viewers into the space and also 'keep' something for discovery. I made my model a couple of days ago and found some time today to trial some display options of the work. It was challenging to print the images off at the right scale, but managed to do it for most of my ideas. Here are some trials: bottles hangingHad printed a couple of these bottles at 600mm size and then cut them out, they looked kind of quirky. If I was to display them they would not look good hanging on the wall, so trailed this method. I feel it still has that quirky look about them, but am not sure if this is the result I am looking for. 4 layers of bottlesHere I thought that I could 'stack' the bottles at the end wall, but it looks too much like the water bottle truck that delivers the fresh water for the water cooler. Could become a 'where is wally wall' single stand alone bottle and from abovesingle stand alone from aboveThe idea was to have one of the bottles printed large and have it standing in the space. A bottle this big would need the whole length of the space (7.2m). Am at odds whether like this. Not sure if it says what I want it to. floor to top of wall images and floor to top of wall images.2 from abovefloor to top of wall images from aboveThese, I feel, have an impact that is stronger than the stand alone bottle, even though they are of the same height. The bottle is already 3D and does not need that stand alone aspect. 2 series of 3 glass bottle imageshere I would present 2 series of 3 and options are with only glass bottle images or also my plastic bottle images. I am going to my space on friday to trial some of these out in the actual space, so will be interesting to see if they have the same impact, feel/reaction within me as these smaller model ones have had.  

Posted by Elle Anderson

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