A Florilegium; The Gathering of Weeds

‘A Florilegium - The Gathering of Weeds’


Screenprints on found glass with acrylic stand, 1/1 

A patch of weeds has an ephemeral quality about it, always shifting and changing, depending on seasons and weather patterns. It becomes a gathering of temporary souls, as some will move on, while others become permanent fixtures of the group.

These groups of plants form an ever changing back drop to our world. They arrive without notice, taking up spaces and places we may have temporarily neglected. 

But these plants were once gathered as treasures for food, medicine or simply a memory.

To gather is belonging to something, what ever that something is.


Elle Anderson

February 2017


This work was accepted into the Boundless exhibition organized by PCANZ and to be held at Pataka Art + Museum, from 20 May till 13 August.

It is always a thrill when something you create first of all turns out as 'you see it' and second is appreciated by others. Making & creating can at times be a solo process, a very enjoyable process all the same. It is when you lift up your eyes from your work and push it out of your studio, where often a fear can set in. As you have been head down, thinking, reading, making & creating. 

I enjoyed making this piece and hope all of those who see it get the same enjoyment out of it.


Posted by Elle Anderson

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