A Dirty Contribution

Having signed up to the 100 day project for this year (http://100daysproject.co.nz/projects/100-days-2016/elle-anderson-949) I decided I wanted to do something that combined creativity with an environmental project.

The project became 'A Dirty Contribution" this project will document my contribution to the landfill for the 100 days, through a variety of processes. As I am interested in how much I add to the rubbish pile.


It appears that my project sits a little outside of many of the 100 day projects, but for me it will give me much more than just imagery.

During the 100 days I will document my daily rubbish - I will do this through weighing each day's pile, listing what is in the pile. photographing the pile and also possibly creating some prints (collographs) from piles.

It is now already day 3 of the 100 days and here are the first 3 days:




Posted by Elle Anderson

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