'A Dirty Contribution' spreads its wings

As an artist it is a real buzz if someone else also gets exited about the work you make. That they to get a connection from it and that their lives have somehow also become enriched in some way.

Making the decision to do ‘A Dirty Contribution” - my 100 day project on the rubbishI never envisaged that any one would get enriched by this, never mind myself.


I made a few discoveries along the way, that funnily enough will become valuable within the near future (an impending move to an area where there is no weekly rubbish or recycle collection).


It turns out that others also got exited about this project, the Auckland Council waste management people. They are trying to educate us on how to become more aware of our rubbish.

So the full story of the project A Dirty Contribution got published in the Getting To Zero newsletter - read it here:


Posted by Elle Anderson

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