A Dirty Contribution II

Several questions have already arisen from this after 3 days:

After the 100 days I can not only calculate what my weight contribution is for the 100 days, but I can also approximately calculate what my contribution is to date, since I was born.

And then this can be further extrapolate into the world population. 

It is a scary thought how much we pile onto this world. What we ask the earth to deal with.

I also realize that my life now is not really indicative of what is has been like for the 53 years. As now I grow most of our own fruit, I bottle or freeze it after stewing; make my own kombucha and so don't buy any more fizzy drinks or juices; had chickens until a couple of months for the last 20 years; the vegetable garden provides much of what we eat and I am on my own for much of the time now, so my contribution in this project is very much mine.

I look forward to seeing how it will change my thinking about what I use, throw away or try to re-use.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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