50 out of 100

Today marks half way for the 100 day project 'A Dirty Contribution'.to date the lowest has been 2gm, while the highest has been an eye watering 1191.037kg.

Neither probably reflect very well the life of a household, or that of a single person. As in the last 50 days it has had a mix of 1, 2 or 4 people who have helped to add to the weight to date. The total contribution as of today stands at 1336.725 Kg.

The joy of this project has been the documenting of the piles each day through photography. What started of as, 'quick - take a picture and move on', to 'how can I make rubbish look glamorous?'.

Other things started to creep into my thinking:

I wanted to have no brand name showing in the photo's, so some arranging of the rubbish happens each time.

Prettying up what eventually would be dropped into the bin became an exiting challenge.

Then the realisation what I am adding to the landfill and how long would these last there? This has started to play a bigger role. Through that am accepting fewer bags around products I buy, aim to buy more raw foods without packaging and realize that my recycling efforts could be better than they already were.

The being aware of what goes into the bin and have that on display through images has also added another level of consciousness to this project.

On day 39 I did some calculations, using the average that I had contributed at that stage daily, 34.228kg and extrapolating this to the amount of time I have been alive, my calculations then said I had to date added 659,060.14kg of waste to the world. This shocked me then.

Now after 50 days, lets do this again:

running total = 1336.725kg divide by 50 =26.7345kg/day.

In my lifetime today being 19266 days x 26.7345kg = 515,066.877kg 

Here are some images from the last couple of weeks:

52 gm

58 gm

91 gm

244 gm

95 gm


The next 2 weeks are going to be more challenging as I will be traveling overseas, as collecting my daily rubbish and then photographing it at end of each day will pose some challenges. My traveling companion my not be too happy.

The whole project can be seen here:



Posted by Elle Anderson

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