# 1 - initial thinking:

The relationship between plants and people is forming the basis for my masters. As an avid gardener, keen organic home vegetable grower and a concern the way the world looks at the natural world, I am interested in investigating this relationship. Many people have lost a link with plants, lost the understanding how much they are part of our lives and also how vital they are for ur survival. From doing a brain storm about the relationship/links between plants and people I came up with the following links between them:

  • food - eating & growing, small/self or commercial
  • communication - paper, books
  • shelter/buildings
  • aesthetic - landscape/parks
  • medicine
  • clothing
  • colour - dying of cloth, paper, food
  • beauty - internal & external
  • support - walking sticks, soles
  • symbols - olive branch, mistletoe, emblems -country sports teams, products sales
  • transport - canoe - historical
  • control - location, plant type
  • witchcraft - healing, spells, selected knowledge
  • living approaches - biodynamics, organic, biodiversity, living by moon, permaculture, natural garden,
  • ethnobotanical
  • historical or modern context
  • cultural influences

From this initial brain storm I decided that one strand of inquiry for my masters could be to photograph people who have a personal link with plants through a direct contact with plants, such as gardeners, growers, builders. I am interested to additional links that I may not have touch on so far, so please add feedback or your thoughts.

Posted by Elle Anderson

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